10 x 1V-LSD (Macrodosing: 150 mcg) – legal LSD-derivative

10 x 1V-LSD (Macrodosing: 150 mcg) – legal LSD-derivative


6.20  / tab

∙ Buy the legal LSD-derivative 1V-LSD in macrodosing with 150 mcg (microgram) as blotters / tabs.

∙ The full name is “1-VALeroyl-lysERgic acid dIEthylamide”, or in short “Valerie”.

∙ 1V-LSD is a so-called research chemical.

∙ So please research the substance – you decide how you would like to conduct your research – for centuries until today it was common in the fields of alchemy, chemistry, and pharmacy to research on oneself (academic freedom is a fundamental right of the citizenry): “research with respect.”

1V-LSD is a psychoactive drug which is legal in most countries of the world – including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States of America.

∙ For more information about the legal high 1V-LSD, read our frequently asked questions (FAQ).


1-VALeroyl-lysERgic acid dIEthylamide, soy based ink, 200 gsm blotting paper.


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