• 04th of June 2020: A legal opinion finds that 1cP-LSD is legal in Germany.
  • 12th of June 2020: The founder Carl Philipp Trump gets arrested in Berlin, Germany for allegedly selling the illegal LSD rather than the legal 1cP-LSD. After a laboratory analysis is conducted the lawsuit is ended. Police has not reimbursed what they have destroyed – however, the legality of the business has been proven sufficiently.
  • 01st of September 2020: goes online with Gambio as shop-software.
  • 29th of September 2020: The start-up Hilaritas enters the corporate registry in Berlin, Germany.
  • 12th of December 2020: 500 posters with “” (“buy LSD” as a domain name) happens in Berlin, Germany – the first offline advertising for LSD-derivatives.
  • 09th of January 2021: The German Business Insider reports as the first media outlet about Carl Philipp Trump and his business.
  • 18th of January 2021: The German public TV NDR reports about the Carl Philipp Trump in its documentary „Drogenrepublik Deutschland – Folge 3: LSD – Der legale Trick“. A few days later on the 26th of January 2021 it is published by the NDR-YouTube-format „STRG_F“ as „Alles legal? Wie Dealer das Gesetz austricksen“.
  • 31th of Januar 2021: reaches for the first time 100,000€ revenue in a month.
  • 14th of February 2021: Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes about the business by Carl Philipp Trump.
  • 21th of February 2021: The „ Support“ starts.
  • 04th of March 2021: German customs confiscates 25,000 tabs of 1cP-LSD arguing it could be something different. Later they claim that they found “traces” of LSD in the material – without any specific detail about the quantity and if it could be caused by the chemical method to verify the material. The investigation is still ongoing.
  • 18th of March 2021: The worldwide first physical opens in Berlin-Mitte in Torstraße 37, 10119 Berlin, Germany.
  • 10th of April 2021: The uses WordPress/WooCommerce as shop-software. Connected with that is also a new webdesign. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies were fully integrated.
  • 15th of April 2021: The „ Support“ reaches 666 subscribers.