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LSD is ART AND magic.

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Carl Philipp Trump – Founder.

 Working with cheerfulness on oneself
Hilaritas Logo 150x150 is a brand of the Hilaritas corporation (Latin for cheerfulness) headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

As a young start-up we believe to do good by making LSD-derivatives mass products like coffee: LSD-derivatives politicise us – through them we can work on ourselves and become better human beings. As we become better characters we also improve society as a whole.

Like the Illuminati we fancy the “all-seying eye”, but instead we focus on the “all-empathetic heart” – let yourself become politicised and become part of the psychedelic movement: LSD is art and magic.

Gutmenschen finances the non-profit to heal alcoholism in homeless alcoholics, to abolish homelessness altogether, and to politicise the homless to make them demonstrate for a redistribution of the resources of the Catholic Church for the greater common good (Project “Blue Movement“).

Furthermore, we support the lobby efforts of for a change of the international drug policies in regards of legalisation and taxation of all drugs according to their harm – as it was researched by pharmacology professor Dr David Nutt (Project “Harm based Drug Legalisation and Taxation“). also provides a collaborative online platform to leak material, discuss this material in a web forum community, and then present the results of this collective effort in a public wiki.

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